“What a strangely appealing little film. Promoting Jacksonville Bike Month, apparently. Cycle Chic it is.” — Copenhagen Cycle Chic

“… a VERY stylish video to help promote festivities during Bike Month in Jacksonville, Florida” — Bike

“it is certainly fun to see the idea of someone taking up cycling dramatized in this film” — Utility

“Here is a great video put together to promote Bike Month here in Jacksonville” —

“A rather noir short film promoting Jacksonville, Florida’s Bike Month in May” — Momentum Mag

“Take six minutes out of your day to check it out see where it takes you!” — Osprey Packs Bike Blog

“Bike Month organizers are using film to encourage folks to start pedaling with a 5-minute film noire movie: The Convert” —

“The fact that the secret “stash” is in an envelope hidden in a copy of Tom Vanderbilt’s Traffic makes me especially happy.” — Bikeable Richmond

“Join Us” — Bike Blog Beograd

“…who wouldn’t want a cool girlfriend who rides a Pashley and takes you bike riding in the dark?” — Aptbopeddler

“Check out this short film about bike culture in the 904!!!” — Chuck Lysaght


About the film

The Convert from Abhishek Mukherjee on Vimeo.

Starring (in order of appearance): Jacquelyn Mills, Abhishek Mukherjee, Katie Smith, Chris Jackson and Corey Callahan

Original Music by Goliath Flores
Directed and Produced by Abhishek Mukherjee and Katie Smith
Cinematography and Editing by Abhishek Mukherjee
Audio Mastering by Eric Jenkins

Jacquelyn’s Pashley bicycle provided by Koula Redmond
Chris’s bicycle provided by ZenCog Bicycle Company


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