2 May — Bike-Themed Art Walk 2012

Don’t Art Walk, Art Bike!

Local artists are on board to participate in creating bicycle-themed art to display at Art Walk, May 2nd 2012! If you’re an artist interested in displaying some of your bike-themed art, let’s add you to the list! Please contact us at info@jacksonvillebikemonth.com.

Participating Artists so far:

Josh Anthony of Silkscreams, is featuring all kinds of professionally screen printed bike-themed apparel – http://www.silkscreams.com/

Koula Redmond of CoRK, is featuring ceramics using various bike parts to create impressions – http://www.etsy.com/shop/kupiaki

Ronnie Hinton of Jax Hax, is featuring an interactive sculpture made of bike parts, “Nibbles the Shark” – http://www.jaxhax.org/

Yvonne Lozano of TAC, is featuring paintings depicting bike riders. Her work will be displayed at The Art Center II, 229 Hogan St. – http://yclart.com/