2 May — Bicycle for Mayor Brown 2012

YOU are cordially invited!

ZenCog, The Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition and Bike Jax will be gifting a bicycle to the City of Jax! Many of you regular riders are aware of the drastic need for better cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, great awareness, and perhaps most of all, better relations between cyclists and motorists. The intention of this gesture is to help the new administration become more attuned to the issues Jacksonville has been struggling with for years regarding safety for its citizens who find themselves out and about and not behind the wheel of a car.

Along with accepting the bike, the Mayor will also be handed an informational packet including some statistics on accidents and deaths involving cyclists and pedestrians. Also included will be practical examples of steps other cities have taken and what Jacksonville can do to get on the right track toward becoming safer for its citizens. Even if you don’t ride a bike, everyone is a pedestrian at some point, and cycling and pedestrian infrastructure go hand in hand.

The bicycle is assembled by Garf Cooper, co-owner of ZenCog, and various parts of the bike are being donated by other generous bike shops and organizations. The event will take place during May Art Walk on the front steps of City Hall on May 2nd, 2012 at 7:00pm.

Come join the fun!